February 2016 OA News

posted Jan 29, 2016, 7:07 PM by Scout Masters

OA Election Help Needed

On February 16th, we have been asked to run Troop 26’s OA elections. I will be attending this and will need one other scout in the OA to  help me. More than that can attend and observe, plus my dad will be able to drive anyone who needs a ride. The meeting is located at the Lions club in Big Bend on HW L and we will be there from 7 pm to around 8pm. Please respond to me if you wish to help out.

Onatah Chapter Information

Next Saturday, February 6th, the monthly OA chapter meeting is being held at the Waukesha Scout Office. Please attend if available. Turn out of youth has been very minimal in the past months and I would love to see some of you attend. If you need a ride my dad is able to drive.

Also, I am working on setting up an OA fundraiser for the Onatah Chapter at Culvers in March. We will need youth and leaders to help. Please stay tuned for more information.  

C-7 Conclave

In case you haven't seen this.

I went to Conclave last year and it was a great time. They had many great activities and courses set up throughout the weekend making it a lot of fun.

I hope many of you sign up and have a blast making this the best Conclave yet.

See link at the bottom to sign up to help.

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Subject: Wag-O-Shag Lodge, OA - Conclave Sign Up


Attention all OA Members!

We need your help! Wag-O-Shag Lodge is hosting this year's Section C-7 Conclave at Camp Long Lake on April 22-24, 2016 at Camp Long Lake.  We are looking for our lodge members to sign up to assist in running the weekend.

This is an event that is sure to be fun and leave lasting memories. Even with volunteering, you will have many opportunities to participate in almost all activities. Please click on the link to fill out the survey so we can start preparing for this weekend.

We will also need volunteers to help set up the weekend before (April 16-17). Please take the time to let us know your availability!

Yours in Scouting,

Andrew D

Conclave Host Chairman


Emily Singer

Conclave Host Advisor